Dean Pratt, Director, Jazz Composers Service. (Photo: Dustin DeVore.)

Welcome to the Jazz Composers Service website.

Our Mission . . .

The Jazz Composers Service is an organization dedicated to enabling jazz composers, jazz artists and their heirs to protect the rights to their compositions and recordings and to collect royalties due them for the use of these compositions and recordings. We assist them in determining where royalties are due, and recouping them from both music publishing and record companies. Indeed, many of our clients are true “jazz legends,” but many are also little-known composers or artists. Our efforts on behalf of our clients are aggressive no matter who the client; how large or small the “name.”

On the pages on this website, you will read about our philosophy and how we put it into practice; find a list of our clients; and be given several ways to contact us. Learn how our database of information and our decades of experience in the world of jazz and jazz publishing will help track down music publishers and recording companies who may well owe you money. Look over the list of clients for whom we have been successful. Ours is a very personalized service . . . and our years of research and knowledge of the industry will be invaluable to you.

You will also find here information about the Dean Pratt Big Band, a swinging aggregation of New York’s finest jazz musicians (plus a page about Dean Pratt and the individual DPBB band members, themselves).

So, obviously, if jazz is your métier, whether you compose, perform, or just appreciate the genre, read on . . . and have a listen.

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Dean Pratt, Director